Antoinette Nausikaä

Antoinette Nausikaä (Vlissingen, 1973) is educated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Rijksacademie. Through a contemplative and site-specific way of working she aims to tap into different and deeper layers of seeing and experiencing, thus exposing what the current perception of accelerating time and shortened attention span altogether ignore. Taking time to observe things without any preconceived ideas and concepts, waiting for whatever may occur, is the ground of her working process. She is fascinated by the themes of our shared human condition, our universal behavior and emotions, and in exploring this she touches on motifs such as wonderment, time, impermanence, space and identity.

To express her observation and experiences on location, she uses mixed media, especially photography, video, ink drawings, sculpture and text. The minimalistic ink drawings and texts made in her notebooks are the most immediate and personal expressions of how she experiences and relates to the world around her. The photography and videos show a more observing character pointing outwards. With the sculptures she creates a three dimensional experience of the drawn figurines. From a selection of these site-specifically produced materials she later creates an autonomous spatial installation in an exhibition space or a publication.


Breathing Mountains

For over five years Antoinette lived and worked on and around eight ancient mountains in Europe and Asia, each one of them a sacred icon and a pilgrimage destination. She travelled to Mount Fuji (JP), Olympus (GR), Ararat (AM) and the five most sacred mountains in China, the Wǔyuè. She observed them, climbed them, photographed, made drawings and dug in the earth for clay to make small sculptures.

The series is the reflection of this project and includes a selection of images showing the different layers of her investigation. We witness Antoinette circling the mountain, looking, searching, and constantly balancing on the delicate high-wire between nature and culture.


I have the time

In an installation with photography, video, drawing and sculpture Nausikaä shows different viewpoints and seeks for the limits of different media in relation to the space. Antoinette Nausikaä shows the connection of human beings, and especially her own connection with the surrounding area. It bridges the gap between the mundane and the transcendental, the simple, ordinary thing and the mystery. She examines this perception and behaviors in relation to time, space and identity.
The human figure is a center point in the work of Nausikaä, which also can be found in the drawings. The figure is made with black ink, and forms a direct expression of an experience or thought at any given time. Omitting all side issues, focused on just what they want to show. The role of the androgynous figure who is linked almost in a cartoonish way by the work is, is to interpret and to connect with different views and layers


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