Jaya Pelupessy

Jaya Pelupessy studied Photography at the HKU. After graduating with honors, Jaya Pelupessy won the Steenbergen Stipendium 2013. The work Traces of the Familiar, which he made with Felix van Dam, was presented in Foam 3Hand in FotoForum in Innsbruck. His photobook SET-PUT-RUN, published by Fw:Books was one of the Best Photobooks 2016 by the Volkskrant.

The Studio Sculptures
The Studio Sculptures (2017) is a project divided in three chapters and will be shown at three different locations at different times. The first opening was on the 25th of November at Galerie Caroline O’Breen where a site-specific installation was shown, the second presentation at Art Rotterdam and the third at Unfair Amsterdam.

In The Studio Sculptures, Pelupessy continues his exploration into the field of reproduction and takes it a step further into the physical object. The gallery space is reproduced in a detailed scale model on a 1:5 scale. The images that are made for this series are images that (almost literally) put the process of photography on a pedestal. Tools that where used for creating that very same image. These works are photographed in the scale model and enlarged. Those works will be presented at the gallery. Creating a loop for visitors of the exhibition whom will physically be standing in the space. A space they are also looking at reproduced in the works.

Art historian and Foam curator Kim Knoppers wrote a text about The Studio Sculptures.

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