Marieke Peters

Marieke Peters (1977) discusses in her work the duality of man: an inexhaustible life force versus obstruction. By making use of archetypal images from the collective unconscious, for example image of young girls, Peters deals with the theme of innocence. Her work is usually on the borderline where illusion and reality are in conflict with each other. Innocent actions have a different context, so they can actually cause anxiety. In this way, Peters is trying to start a dialogue on delusion and reality. Peters’s work is a combination of painting, photography and screen printing, both on canvas, old wood panels and ceramics. Often she leaves empty spaces in her work. By doing so, the viewer can just fill in for themselves according to Peters. The element of omission is common in her work, almost as a metaphor for the openness and the way she wants to capture these motifs in the painterly process.

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