Marijn Bax

Marijn Bax (1981) is educated at the Academy of Art and Graphics – Sint Joost, Breda, NL. She works on visual poetry, site-specific installa­tions and artist-novels. Therefore she uses various media and materials. Apart from this personal oeuvre she also works as a freelance photographer for magazines, design studios and various companies in the Netherlands and abroad.
Bax graduated as a master in photography with an site-specific installation at Castrum Peregrini NL and she did an Artist in Residence at Ampelhaus GE. She also took part in Unseen photofair NL and the project KOPIE; a three-part art project in ‘s-Hertogenbosch which was curated by Caroline O’Breen.
Her work Lunchen in Lissabon was presented at Photo Festival Naarden 2015. Last year she received the Talent Development Grant from the Mondriaan Fund, a stipendium for emerging artists.
Fundamental in the work of Marijn Bax is a deep interest in the human psyche. She  tries to discover how human beings relate to their physical and mental environment. Based on personal stories or stories of others, she questions universal themes. By doing so, she is able to create opportunities to reflect upon our own behavior and upon how our perception is influenced.
Although it all started with photography, along the way Bax found out that the invisible and complex matter of the human psyche and behavior often can better be reflected and questioned through a variety of media and materials. Therefore she uses pho­tography, video, audio, writing, installations and public opinions.

About Ends Meet

Where is the frontier of LIKE and LOVE? This question, found on a note in the studio of Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht at Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, forms the starting point for Marijn Bax’ work Ends Meet. “How do we experience the line between like and love? Is there a line at all? And if there is one, how will I be able to see it?” Bax used texts and images from Gisèle’s archive as a basis for her own interpretation of those questions. This resulted in an site-specific installation in which the line between private and public, subject and maker, inside and outside became fluid > Fluid composition.

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