Satijn Panyigay

Satijn Panyigay (1988) is a half Dutch, half Hungarian photographer. She shows us her melancholic view on life, by handling subjects like death, decay and loneliness. Her aesthetic eye shows there’s also beauty to be found in the grimm and dark.

Panyigay about her series Melankólia, Trees and No Room for Light:

This image I shot in Budapest, Hungary. It’s the first picture of a series about my roots. My dad is Hungarian and together with my uncle we went on a trip there. I was always curious to see how much of me would feel ‘at home’ if I went to visit Hungary, because I had only been there when I was young. I immediately fell in love with the country, it’s greyness and came to discover it must be the origin of my often melancholic heart. The atmosphere of almost everything I saw was what I love to show in my photos, so I’m planning a trip to go there on my own for a while, to continue this work.

This series of landscapes shows my ever conflicting view on life. It has sadness in it, but it’s also a dreamlike world in which I find the silence and stillness I love. I made these through windows of cars and trains. I was never really in these fields, I just drove by.  The series was made amongst the noise and the haste of my daily life but I love that you can only hear the wind blow or the rain drop. Nature never fails to show me all life’s beauty.

No Room For Light
I graduated with a series called Behind Death’s Door, where I went to deceased people’s houses to capture their absence as well as the traces that remained from their lifelong being there. No Room For Light is related to that, but in this series I went to all kinds of places. The only condition was that I had to feel really lonely and empty being there. I wanted to put all these emotions in pictures that have almost nothing to look at.

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