Wouter Stelwagen

Wouter Stelwagen graduated in 2002 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in photography. His work has been exhibited in several places in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Foam, Unseen Photo Fair, CAR in Los Angeles and during the Foto Festival Naarden in 2013 and 2015. Recently an extensive article about his work was published in Volkskrant Magazine.
The work of Wouter Stelwagen has been concentrated especially around Asian megacities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Chongqing. The photographer always searches in his work for the silence within the borders of a metropolitan city, on the twilight zone of the city; for the boundaries between culture and nature. His images are a testimony of silence, a visual document of a landscape of beautiful solitude, and an artistic process, in which the artist dares to remove the social context of the civilized world. Stelwagen is fascinated by looking at landscapes as if they are not populated. He searches for the beauty in stillness.
Stelwagemn’s sense of geometry is captured in each frame and composition. He creates a visual journey that leads us to the passivity and contemplation that is in all of us. At the same time these photos show the chilly loneliness that develops in the large cities, where daily life is moving away from the warmth and human touch.

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