Reflecting today – PLACE

Tanja Engelberts

Highlighting artworks of our collection in online presentation

Now we are socially distancing ourselves our online platforms become more important than ever.  We all actually need connection, and therefore we would like to develop a few ideas to sustain and enhance that.

In the upcoming weeks we will present you artworks of our collection from different artists who want to share their reflection on the world of today.  To keep in mind the beautiful distraction and welcome reminder of what art can do to us. It can inspire, give hope, comfort or space for new thoughts.

Today the work of Tanja Engelberts – Place


detail Place


Tanja: ‘This is one of the few works where I used my own archive, photos from my childhood taken by myself, parents and sister. Of places that I have visited, that were of value to me and my own story. I can imagine that during these days people at home also scroll through their photos on their phone and realize how the world has been turned upside down in a short time.
Place is about those fragile memories, or as Lucy Lippard can put it so beautifully:’

Every landscape is a hermetic narrative: finding a fitting place for oneself in the world, is finding a place for oneself in a story’
– from Lucy Lippard, Lure of the local

Place is a collage piece made out of hundreds fragile ceramic tiles, each tile printed with a delicate photograph. The work shows us personal snapshots from a family album, empty landscapes where sometimes a figure emerges. ‘Place’ is about recollection, remembering places once visited and the fragility of those memories.

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detail Place


Tanja Engelberts, Place, Silkscreen print on ceramic, rope, 180 x 180 cm edition 5
€ 4000,00