Duo exhibition Emily Bates and Antoinette Nausikaä

Emily Bates, Antoinette Nausikaä

November 12 - December 10
Sat. 26th artists talks and live drawing performance at 5 pm

During the Amsterdam Art Weekend Seelevel Gallery will host Artist Talks by Emily Bates and Antoinette Nausikaa. The artists will discuss their projects currently on view at the gallery, The Nurturing Island by Emily Bates and I have the time by Antoinette Nausikaa.

The event will be accompanied by a live drawing performance by Antoinette Nausikaa.

at Seelevel Gallery
Saturday, November 26, 5 pm


Emily Bates and Antoinette Nausikaä each explore the sacred, spiritual or mythological within their artistic practices. Their projects entitled The Nurturing Island and I have the time respectively, will be exhibited at Seelevel Gallery from November 12 until December 10.
The artists share an interest in, and are inspired by sacred and spiritual places around the globe, being captured by the timelessness of these places and landscapes. They each explore the relationship between man and nature, both in the contrast between the worldly and the spiritual, and the harmony that exists between them. Inspired by this, both artists use photography as their main medium to express and represent their experiences and findings on location. In addition to photography they have each chosen to make use of other media in order to layer and put into context their experiences, bringing across their message even more deeply. Bates often contrasts and compliments her photographs with sound and moving image, whilst Nausikaä combines ink drawings and sculpture with her photographs.

2010, silver gelatin print on aluminium, 150 X 120 cm

The Nurturing Island #1 2010, silver gelatin print on aluminium, 150 X 120 cm

Emily Bates – The Nurturing Islands

The Nurturing Island (2010) was the first chapter of a series of projects Emily Bates (England, 1970) produced in the southern sub-tropical Japanese islands of Amami Oshima, with subsequent works commissioned for a solo exhibition at Mudam Luxembourg entitled, The sky is glowing with the setting sun (2012). Her works are the fruit of long-term research in small rural communities and specific geographical contexts, often marked by the transition from traditional cultures to modernity: fragile environments, where economic interests and developments often overwhelm spiritual respect, and harmonious yet challenging realities.
The Nurturing Island takes us into the depths of the islands virgin forests, offering glimpses of hidden sacred sites of shamanistic practice, cleansing and respect: A sacred tree, a waterfall, a mountain. The large hand-printed silver gelatin prints capture an essence of the power and beauty that dominates the island and preserves the rich mythology and belief system.
The photographic series was originally exhibited as an installation, layered with an audio track of field recordings, which reveal a surprising element of life on the islands, and the use of music as a social phenomenon.

2014, drawing on paper, 20 x 25 cm

2014, drawing on paper, 20 x 25 cm

Antoinette Nausikaä – I have the time

I have the time is a mixed-media installation developed out of Antoinette Nausikaä‘s long-term project Stone-time, which is the expression of her exploration into the timelessness and current authority of ancient and sacred mountains worldwide especially as they relate and contrast to the quick-paced modern life surrounding them. It tries to capture and bridge the gap between the mundane and the transcendental, and the simple, ordinary thing versus the mystery. Using different media and techniques (photography, ink drawings, video and sculptures) she portrays the various perspectives and behaviors in relation to time, space and identity. I have the time will be an installation reacting on the gallery space and seeking for the limits of different media in relation to the site.