Closer than thoughts

May 22 – June 1, 2014
Ilona Plaum

Ilona Plaum, The space in between is the voice of this scene, 2012

… When I’m at a showcase filled with vases and pots of antiquity, I always experience a magical shock. It is not so much the decorations on itself as well as the traces created by the direct scratching in clay. These traces of handwriting connect me directly with a moment from the past. It is so one on one, it’s like the time of the act has just occurred and the person is very close. Besides these human proximity, the simplicity of the decorations produced also brings me the feeling like I have created them. This feeling affects me. In one way or another, I come face to face with a human universal desire: namely, make it yourself, create it yourself.

around one day

Ilona Plaum, Around one day, 2012

In the exhibition Closer than thoughts Ilona Plaum focuses on her abstract work, which is shown for the first time all together. Her photographic research focuses on the experience of space within the two-dimensional image. A representation of the human presence, the conflict between illusion and registration, and of surface and transparency.

Ilona Plaum exhibited since 2007 at different locations as at the Amsterdam Centre for Photography, Gallery 37 and Spaarnestad Photo archive in Haarlem and recently at Huis Marseille in 2013.

Closer than thoughts

Installation view Closer than thoughts

Staging a view

Installation view Staging a view