Itinerario: a travel story

Emilie Hudig

September 9 - October 7, 2017
Finissage Saturday October 7, 4 - 6 pm, with Chinese drinks & bites

We would like to invite you for the finissage of Itinerario: a travel story by Emilie Hudig on Oktober 7th, from 4 till 6 pm at the gallery. You are welcome to visit the exhibition, meet the artist and enjoy some Chinese drinks & bites!

In 2017 Emilie Hudig participated in an artist in residency program at the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen. Inspired by a long tradition of travelogues and journals, Hudig realised an ‘imaginary travel story’, an exploration of reality through intuition and creativity.

During her residency in Xiamen, Hudig became especially interested in the more literary genre of the ‘imaginary travel story’ of which Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe is perhaps the most famous.

As a photographer with both a documentary and a poetic body of work she became inspired by Defoe because he made “truth seem like fiction, and fiction like truth”. Through the blurriness in her photographs and the double exposures, Hudig creates a distance between the “reality” photographed and the viewers perception of it. Like Defoe, Hudig therefore blurs the lines between “reality” (truth) and her perception of it (fiction), making the two interchangeable.

May 21, build a boat, from the series Itinerario, 2017, Inktjet print on mdf, 27 x 27 cm

The word itinerario comes from the latin, itinerarǐus, it means a sequence of various points on a trajectory, it doesn’t have a minimum or maximum length of time and includes places, stops and accidents that can be found along the route. Hudig is especially interested in those ‘accidents’.

With her analogue camera, using medium format film, Hudig is in search of the perfect accident, the perfect imperfection in an image. In Hudig´s photographs the  imperfections are both magical and mysterious. For Hudig the “accidents” along the route and in her images are a metaphor for life.

The Lily Eaters, 2016, From the series Itinerario

Emilie Hudig (1973) was born in the Netherlands but grew up in an international community in Brussels, Belgium. Still today she is very much internationally orientated. In her work she engages with social issues in a multi layered way, focusing on the intensity and relativity which is expressed through the variation of her work in a broad professional context.

Innerland, 2016, From the series Itinerario, Inktjet print BW, 61 x 63cm

She studied Cultural Anthropology and Media and Culture at Amsterdam University and documentary and portrait photography at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. After graduating, Hudig was selected for Reflexions Masterclass through which she did residencies at several institutions in Europe.

In 2009 her book Controle / In Control about her treatment for Hodgkin’s disease was awarded the prestigious Zilveren Camera, photo story of the year. The project was also exhibited in FOAM3h. In 2012 her project on Dutch nobility Without Title was exhibited in Museum van Loon, Amsterdam.

Red, 2016, From the series Itinerario, Inktjet print on forex in perspex frame, 50 x 50cm