Once removed

November 26 – December 23, 2011
Tania Theodorou and Adam Etmanski

Installation view Once Removed

Installation view Once Removed

The exhibition Once Removed is an open ended visual chitchat between Tania Theodorou, Adam Etmanski and the audience about the way they both approach meaning, photography, and the presentation of it in an original and idiosyncratic way.

Tania Theodorou, Conversation

Tania Theodorou, Conversation

The Greek artist Tania Theodorou uses images and objects that already sustain evidence of significance or function. She attempts to set them loose, into a new context, and see to what kind of meaning they are able to attach themselves. She likes to see the process by which the very meaning of a work can take on different nuances. This leads to layered installations where the work is in a kind of open-ended conversation with itself and the audience.

There is a lot of appropriation and re working of pre-existing images in the works of Tania. Objects are approached in a fanciful way in an effort to distil a feeling of essence.

Tania Theodorou (1977) initiated Dead Darlings, an anonymous art auction and platform. Her work has been shown in museums, – Tot Zover and Foam, the Photography Museum of Amsterdam, at projectspace W139 and Mediamatic. Different publications have also written about her work. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

The Polish artist Adam Etmanski recently published the art book The knife cuts through the apple like a knife cutting an apple. In this exhibition he exhibits the book together with his ‘self-made special editions’ which are an outgrowth of this book.
Most of Adam’s art projects are deeply rooted in archives as is his book ‘The knife…’ which contains of an intuitive personal selection of visuals that he gathered over a year, ‘photo-shopped’ and printed on a Xerox photocopy.

This book is like a visual science fiction story. Every spread on each page has a certain metaphorical concept that also follows throughout the chapters and its whole. The colours of its pages underline each chapter. Next to all the figures that appear in some chapters, it is never clear if they still are the same in later passages. There is no intention to show heroes or the villain. This book together with his very intuitive self-made special editions becomes a visual puzzle between narrative and statement, between object and photograph. ‘The knife…’ is a handmade book in limited edition and will be sold during the exhibition (€ 55,-).

Book page 'A knife...'

Book page ‘A knife…’

Adam Etmanski (1971) exhibited twice at Foam, the Photography Museum of Amsterdam; he also exhibited at project space Le Bal in Paris and during the festival Les Rencotre d’Arles in Arles (France) at W139 and at ACF in Amsterdam. He lives and works in Amsterdam.