Opening exhibition new location

Laurence Aëgerter, Marijn Bax, Marjolein Blom, Ola Lanko, Diana Scherer

June 20 – July 4, 2015

Seelevel Gallery, known for its leading fine art photography, proudly opens a permanent gallery space, with a group exhibition of talented and ambitious artists.

In this opening exhibition, curator Caroline O’Breen gives a glimpse of the future of Seelevel and the coming gallery season. Seelevel presents a new collaboration with some well-established artists, some up-and-coming artists and celebrates and strengthens the bonds with photographers previously showcased in the gallery.


Installation view with works of Marjolein Blom and Ola Lanko

The participating photographers all have a very distinctive artistic signature. Some use a scientific perspective from which they try to understand their subjects, others a more contemplative and poetic way. The way of approaching the medium is multi-layered, and includes a wide range of different strategies that varies from installation, performance, poetry and participatory collaboration. It results in a playful and investigating exhibition.

SEELEVEL GALLERY install view2

Instalation view with works of Diana Scherer

Seelevel will be permanently located at Bethaniënstraat 39 in the heart of Amsterdam, the former location of the Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie. Exhibitions will alternate with colleague Rutger Brandt Gallery, who is specialized in modern and contemporary art and photography.

Installation view Ola Lanko and Laurence Aegerter

Installation view Ola Lanko and Laurence Aegerter