Spatial Arrangements

Wouter Stelwagen

September 5 – October 3, 2015
Exhibition was opened by Jop Ubbens, Chairman of Christies Amsterdam

Wouter Stelwagen is a photographer in search of stillness, contemplation and beauty in urban landscapes, and has a strong sense of geometry and composition. He is fascinated by areas of the city, far away from civilization, on the twilight zone between city, industry and nature.

Wouter Stelwagen, Dam, 2015

Wouter Stelwagen, Dam, 2015

Wouter Stelwagen present his newest series Banks in which he focuses on the fringes of cities in Asian megacities. Banks was made in Chongqing, a rapidly growing municipal province with nearly 30 million inhabitants.

The city lies at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. The rivers are the arteries of the city. China faces a growing shortage of water; each year the Yangtze river has been dried up at the end of the winter. Large parts of the riverbed form peninsulas. These immense empty spaces are a haven of tranquility where people go walking, picnicking and fishing. The lack of water creates a whole new habitat, which is the opposite of the ever-growing city of Chongqing.
The work of Wouter Stelwagen has been concentrated especially around Asian megacities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Chongqing. His work has been exhibited in several places in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Foam, Unseen Photo Fair, CAR in Los Angeles and during the Foto Festival Naarden in 2013 and in 2015. Recently an extensive article was published about his work in Volkskrant Magazine.

2015, Lambda print, 122 x 147,5 cm, 7 + AP

Wouter Stelwagen, Bank II, 2015