Satijn Panyigay

June 1 - Sept 1

Satijn Panyigay, Stillness 2017. Canson Photo Rag, white wooden frame with museum glass, 45 x 30 cm. Edition 6 + 2 AP, €1350,-

Someone tied this blinds together for the last time. What has been is no longer as it was. Now form remains and your thoughts can wander about everything that happened in a period like this. An empty office building: how appropriate for now – only this one was eventually demolished and the current ones will be accessible and in operation in a while. Hopefully with more peace of mind for the people working there, and the realisation that work is not the only thing life is about.

The work is part of the collective project Unlocked/Reconnected. An initiative that brings together a wide range of ‘houses for art’: museums, institutes for presentation, galleries, artists’ initiatives and corporate collections. The point of departure for Unlocked/Reconnected is the idea of solidarity, the will to reflect collectively on what home is.

Our world must not become fragmented, fractured into enclosing walls: a consolidation of forces and locations, national and international, can in fact show us what the house/home can mean. As an initiative Unlocked/Reconnected stems from a sense that opening up the home, in the aftermath of the lockdown, will force us to reconsider our outlook on this. Unlocked/Reconnected underlines the importance of art and culture in this period of global crisis.

More information: Unlocked/Reconnected