Art Fairs — August 27, 2022


16  September — 18 September

Presenting works by
Satijn Panyigay,
Jaya Pelupessy,
Arjan de Nooy

Featuring 16mm film work by Jaya Pelupessy at UNBOUND

Unseen 2022 | Installation view

Satijn Panyigay, Twilight Zone (FOAM), 2022 | Inkjet print on fine art paper

Satijn Panyigay

At UNSEEN 2022, we will present the new part of Twilight Zone, an extensive photographic project for which Satijn Panyigay captures empty exhibition spaces of the Dutch contemporary art museums. She takes her photographs during solitary, meditative explorations of the temporarily empty museum spaces — this time, at FOAM in Amsterdam. Twilight Zone (FOAM) has a recognisable majestic hyper-realistic aesthetic of Panyigay, yet this series offers a new tonality to the project. The images are warm and the seemingly white museum walls reveal themselves surprisingly colour-rich. Satijn works exclusively with the light available on the scene, and her analogue approach brings out a whole hidden range of colour to the surface. This creates a lively series. Twilight Zone (FOAM) also has a playful labyrinth-like geometry to it. Wide open doors and pathways, light beams that subtly indicate a gap.

For Twilight Zone, Satijn Panyigay previously photographed the empty Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museum W and the Kröller-Müller museum. In 2022, combination of these series is on display as a solo exhibition at Museum W, Weert. Past exhibitions of Panyigay include Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam, NL); Fotomuseum Den Haag (The Hague, NL); Museum Tot Zover (Amsterdam, NL); Villa Mondriaan (Winterswijk, NL). Her work is in the collections at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museum Tot Zover, Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, and Museum W, among others.

Jaya Pelupessy, Collage #18 – Manufactured Manual, 2022 | Three colour exposure on silkscreen

Jaya Pelupessy

Jaya Pelupessy is known for analysing and deconstructing historical repro­duction techniques and using them in a new way to create an image. He is fascinated by how humanity increas­ingly observes the world through a camera lens. The title Manufactured Manual refers to the archival images that appear in this recent project. The images are taken from photography manuals that explain the technical aspects of the craft. Pelupessy combines a selection of those archival photographs with contemporary image manipulations by using a screen-printing screen in a new way. Pelupessy uses the photosensitive principle of the screen-printing technique and has developed spe­cial photosensitive colour emulsions. He creates a collage directly on the screen-printing screen using multiple exposures in different coloured layers. In this way, the screen is no longer a means of reproducing images but becomes the work of art itself. This is typical of Pelupessy’s working method in which the creative process is always evident in the finished product. At UNSEEN 2022, we are presenting a selection of his most recent collages from the series.

At UNSEEN 2022, Pelupessy’s work is also selected for the exhibition Unbound, curated by Damarice Amao, photography curator of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In 2022, Manufactured Manual was shown as a solo exhibition at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and is selected for Paris Photo 2022. Pelupessy is also exhibited as one of the 99 photographers for the Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam since 2021. The collaborative project Traces of the Familiar was shown in Foam 3H and was part of the Back to the Future — the 19th century in the 21st century exhibition shown in Foam, C/O Berlin and Mia Mano House Budapest. Pelupessy was Foam Talent 2019 with his work The Studio Sculptures and he received the K.F. Hein Stipendium in 2020. His work is part of such collections as Het Nederlands Fotomuseum, FOAM, Tropenmuseum, Steenbergen Collection, Amsterdam UMC and various private collections.

Arjan de Nooy, The Miff Anomaly, 2022 | Collage

Arjan de Nooy

Arjan de Nooy will present his newest body of work Photology, based on the eponymous book (soon to be published). The title Photology is a merging of photography and logic (of game playing), but of course ‘-logy’ also refers to the study of photography. This work aims to be a photographic overview with new series and alternative theories based on the history and theory of the medium. At UNSEEN 2022, various collages taken from the project will be shown for the first time. All work exists of found footage, re-photographed photos, postcards and other appropriated material. By giving this another context, a new meaning — always related to photography itself — is created in de Nooy’s work.

Arjan de Nooy is mainly known for his book-making and museum shows, mostly together with his partner Anne Geene. Together they made several award-winning books like Ornithology and The Universal Photographer which resulted in a museum exhibition at Kunstmuseum Den Haag. He uses both his own and found footage to construct histories, archives, ‘scientific’ theories and other stories. The works often have a fictional character in which De Nooy’s role varies from that of an art historian to a feminist, from a curator to an ornithologist. Past exhibitions of Arjan de Nooy include Het Nederlands Fotomuseum, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Gemeentemuseum, Natural History Museum, Van Goghhuis, Museum Jan Cunen, Marres, Biënnale Drenthe and others.

UNBOUND — Jaya Pelupessy

Galerie Caroline O’Breen is proud to present the 16mm film installation RGB Birds of Jaya Pelupessy at Unbound. Unbound is an independent non-profit extension of Unseen, dedicated to exploring the expanding outer limits of the photographic universe on a monumental scale. Guest curated by Damarice Amao, photography curator of the Centre Pompidou. The exhibition takes place in the Transformatorhuis during UNSEEN.

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Fri, 16 September, 11.00 – 21.00

Sat, 17 September, 11.00 – 19.00

Sun, 18 September, 11.00 – 19.00